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Killzone Liberation (PSP)


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Looks like you will need to use DevHook to load this ISO. Not sure whats safe to post here and whats not but, it is just a demo so...




If you're already familiar with "This Stuff" then that should be enough ;) If not, no big deal, just follow the link above and go to Forums then do a search for Killzone Liberation and you should be able to find plenty of info.

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I don't know if it's with every copy of the magazine, but I know a friend's copy of the new OPSM with the Guitar Hero 2 demo had a nice wee free UMD featuring this demo.


Got it & will be trying it tonight.


Please post your impressions. I'm definetly looking forward to this game.

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I like.


It's an isometric shooter, no camera control, and the best comparision I can make is: Metal Gear Acid realtime ;) It looks very similiar, though this has a better engine, it "feels" similiar despite being realtime etc.


Controls are simple: left stick moves, square shoots, x selects/use, o to shoot grenades (using a Gears of War targeting arc), right shoulder goes into crouch mode (where moving the stick rotates your aim around), left shoulder goes into strafe mode.


It's simple, it's easy to pick up, it was fun. Level was short - it felt like a small subsection - with two objectives of starting a crane & opening a door.

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IGN awarded the game a 9.0:




9.0 Presentation

Top notch visuals, sound and interface. Fine-tuned gameplay.

9.0 Graphics

Everything from the character animation to the environments look fantastic.

8.5 Sound

While the sound effects are irrefutably cool, it would have been nice to have more in terms of actual music.

8.5 Gameplay

A few questionable design choices aside, gameplay is a great example of fine-tuned mechanics.

9.0 Lasting Appeal

The multiplayer modes will not dissapoint action fans, even without the promise of online stuff.



Outstanding OVERALL

I'm definitely interested, but with so much coming out on the date of release, I'll need to skip it for now and push it into the "ask for it for Christmas" category.

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O.k. so I finally got this one - I've been wanting it as I start taking the train to work next week and wanted a new game to play on the ride... Was a pretty good deal too: Circuit City had a coupon for a $10 giftcard with purchase of Killzone. Will post impressions later.


Edit: Just wanted to add on my initial impressions... Its very much like the demo so if yuo liked that then you will probably like the full game, if you didn't liek the demo then there is no reson to get this one. Isometric view is pretty cool and the game looks great to me, sound has been solid so far but I'm only 2 missions in. Gameplay wise its just like the demo was: run-n-gun with cover. Its very good at this point IMO so I'd recommend it.

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Anyone encounter lockups from this game? Since the second chapter, I can't go to 'standby' in mid-action, and pick up from there later. It simply locks up and reboots the PSP when I restart. It only started doing this in the second chapter, had no problems playing through the first. I'm afraid my PSP may be acting up :(

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Free patch out today for Killzone Liberation. Here's the details:


NEW: Chapter 5 + Infrastructure Mode Available


* - Get Chapter Five and Infrastructure Mode for PSP™ (PlayStation? Portable) in one free download

* - Available via the downloads button in the in-game menu

* - Killzone.com site relaunches - bigger, better and badder than before




In a first for gaming on PSP™ (PlayStation? Portable), Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is pleased to announce the continuation of the Killzone™: Liberation story beyond the UMD™ (Universal Media Disc) disc release. Chapter 5, a free, downloadable new episode set in the underground labyrinth beneath Sedah City is now available – and it comes bundled with Infrastructure mode, another highly-anticipated Killzone first.


After battling your way through four all-new missions and two new multiplayer arenas, you can head online to the newly relaunched killzone.com where you’ll hook up with friends from anywhere in the world to set up a white-hot Killzone shoot-up.


If you were left wanting more at the end of the Killzone: Liberation campaign, Chapter 5 won't disappoint. Squad sergeant Rico is missing – you must discover the truth of his fate over four high-tension missions consisting of over two hours of brand-new gameplay with new terrain to explore, new vehicles to control and swarms of Helghast to eliminate. Chapter 5 also comes with two brand new multiplayer maps for both Ad Hoc and Infrastructure Mode: Prison and Construction Site.


The download is available from both the yourpsp.com store and the relaunched, next-generation killzone.com site. The site also features enhanced community features including friends, forums to share tips and experiences, polls, and even direct developer contact.


Putting the best squad together for an Infrastructure Mode match will be simple: each player will have a 'My Killzone' page featuring their identity. Killzone.com will also feature unprecedented access to unlockable content as well as regular updates of new developments and features. The relaunched killzone.com is set to become the ultimate online Killzone resource for dedicated players and newcomers alike – and newcomers to Killzone should watch out for the game’s upcoming Platinum release.


Key Features:


* - Infrastructure Mode includes 'Duel Mode 1vs1': take another player on in a head-to-head battle which will really raise the stakes. This new mode has been adapted for two players from the multiplayer format by using strategically-placed barbed wire to reduce the surface area of the combat zone.


* - New unlockable content: the Killzone: Liberation disc will link via the PSP browser directly to killzone.com. Successful completion of an in-game level will allow the user to access the site and access extra content. Players without immediate access to wireless internet can record progress direct to memory stick allowing you to download the content when you're in a wireless hotspot.


* - Killzone: Liberation goes Platinum! Killzone: Liberation heads up a fresh wave of top titles available to gamers at Platinum price.

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Damn! I just wiped out my completed game save (I played through it on easy). I thought the ending? was rather ubrupt, but I didn't think they'd have a downloadable level for continuing. Oh well, maybe someday I'll play through it again. It was tough in several areas though, even on easy (for me anyway).

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