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Best Toddler Toys (Any Videogames?)


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The new Tickle me Elmo is very funny. My friends 2 1/2 year old can watch that thing for hours. Another thing he likes is I believe called Leapster. Its where you put this book cartridge in and the kids follow along finding shapes, colors, etc.. Anytime i watch him, he makes me go through every single cartridge he has. Keeps him entertained though


As for video games. Im lucky if anybody can get him to sit down for anything other then watching Little Einsteins/Thomas the Tank Engine over and over

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Since you also asked for toy recommendations, this goofy little toy has been so adored by my son (now 3 yrs old) and my daughter (now 14 months old) that we have had to replace the batteries at least four times. I don't know if it's the bright red button that even an 8-month-old can press or the crazy music it plays when it's activated but both of my kids have played with this toy more than any other. For what it's worth.




link here

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My son had what i think was the original vsmile (3-4yrs ago). The system seemed equivalent to a nintendo (the original) as far as graphics and game play, and I don't recall any of the games being terribly educational.


We got my daughter (now 2) the infant version for her b-day over the weekend, but she wasn't making the connection between the controller and the screen. We'll give it a few months and see how it goes.


I was happy with several software titles produced by http://www.learningcompany.com/ the Reader Rabbit software in particular.

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