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Nude Girl gamer calendar coming

Bruce B

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Didnt think this was that odd because everyone games nude right? Its not just me is it?


WARNING: The following link to the Totally Nerdcore website contains content that is meant for those over the age of 18 (at least in America, we don't know what the rules are in other countries), so don't go there unless you want to see some naked girls. End warning, begin news story.


Described as a "hardcore gamer's fantasy," Nerdcore 2007 is a 12-month calendar geared towards the gaming community using combination of full nudity and the inclusion of the "holiest of geeky happenings."


For $25 you'll get 12 "total hotties!" (a different one each month) playing GameBoys and posing with Power Gloves, as well as the convience of having the Gamer's High Holidays already placed on the calendar. Comic-Con, Anime Expo, Game Devloper's Conference, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Tokyo Game Show, the opening of Transformers: The Movie, and many other important nerdly events have been already scribbled in so you don't have to worry about missing them (or maybe you do as you'll distracted by other parts of the calendar). Pre-orders are open now, and the calendars will start shipping the week of November 6. Currently they're only shipping to the US, but international orders are, according to the website, coming soon.



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Ya know... maybe if it were $10, I would buy it just for the novelty of having it in my home office.


But for $25, I've seen my girlfriend play GameBoy naked already. ;)

Taking the dress off of your Princess Peach Doll and putting a Gameboy on her does not count as "seeing your girlfriend play Gameboy naked already." :)



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