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Can you sync a file from a PC to another PC on a network?


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This seems like it should be easy enough, but I really dont know how to do it:


When I save a file in a particular folder on my desktop, I'd like to sync it on the laptop which is on my home network so I will have a backup copy in case of drive failure and vice versa. (I only have 1 hard drive in both systems right now).


Plus, I'll have all of my needed files on the laptop when im out.


Any software suggestions?

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A friend has a nice lil batch file of all things that he wrote to do just this nightly. It scans a bunch of folders (photos, docs etc) & copies any new or /changed/ files to the other hard drive. He's got the batchfile scheduled to run once a night.


Not quite what you're asking for, but a start...

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