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Blockbuster-trade 4 (or 2) for free games


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My local blockbuster (Mississauga) was advertising a new trade promotion, similar to the ones they've run a few times in the past. Basically, you can trade 4 old-gen games or 2 360 games for one of four or five new games coming out in the next month or 2. Only catch this time is that the Xbox, cube, and Ps2 games have to have a resale value (not trade credit) of $20. I believe the list of games you could get included Gears of War, FF 12, the Cube version of Twilight Princess, and Smackdown vs Raw 2007 for the 360 (I think I'm missing one of them).


Not the greatest deal in the world, but it means that I could trade Kameo and Pd0 in for the equivalent of about 80 bucks in store credit. There are no qualifiers on 360 games from what I could tell.

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