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Would your wife play with you-TOP SPIN tournament


Would your wife play with you-TOP SPIN tournament  

  1. 1. Would your wife play with you-TOP SPIN tournament

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I currently have EIGHTEEN total couples willing to participate in an XSN tournament. Unfortunately we can only take 16. I am guessing that some people who have showed interest, as is usually the case, won't work out. Either their gals will change their mind, they won't get the game, they'll be on vacation, etc. So we'll see how things pan out. I will send invitations by the end of the week.


The game has got great reviews, and I will be inviting everyone via XSN as soon as the game is released. Please register at XSN if you want to participate.


Once the tournament starts I think we'll utilize the XSN tools to communicate. This is all new to me, so I'm feeling it out. More soon.


Here is the list of participants. Make sure your gamerTag is correct. Make sure you're signed up at the XSNsports site:



fighting fish

Mister Doodads







Bat Bat



Auntie Muffin






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-And then she might understand all the times I've said, "oh I've got another league game tonight, but I'll try to be done in time for Friends, ..Sex in the City,... The Bachelor,..." icon_mrgreen.gif



My other half is very much into gaming - so this is something we could both do :D

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Depending on when we do this (my wife works 3rd shift), I might be able to talk my wife into it. Bribe her is more than likely.


I put myself down as a yes... but it might be difficult.


I think the best thing would be to have all of the wives/girlfriends wear the headsets and let them talk amongst each other.



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Wow, it looks like we have 15 people who are interested! The max on XSN is 16! That means we have 30 tentative participants. This might be just what we all needed to get our gals away from the reality TV. I am very excited. The reviews are great. And they're making it sound like this game, more than any other, is approachable by gamers and non-gamers.


The tournament will start in early November. Everyone make sure they register at XSN. And please update me on your status.


Do you have the game yet?

Have you registered at XSN?

Suggestions for tournament settings!?


More soon.

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Will be picking Top Spin up tomorrow. Tried to log into XSN sports, to see if I could create the tournament yet, but it seemed that either XSNsports is down, or Microsoft passport is down. I couldn't seem to log into using IE 6, Netscape 7, or Opera. Anyone else having troubles?


Could it be that Top Spin and Amped are so popular that the servers are getting killed right now? Seems like an odd coincidence that they are having problems right now.

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I am closing this poll as the topic is getting somewhat off track.


Besides, with the game now available, online play should be discussed in the Xbox Live forum.


For general Top Spin talk - go here.


BTW, I did get this & I'm looking forward to playing with my other half :)

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