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The PC indie games thread

Romier S

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So Xbox Live Arcade is a bustling area of indie gaming but PC's have been doing it for years. That being the case, I both wanted to share one game that's coming out in '07 and looks very promising as well as request some recommendations from you guys on what you think some of the top indie PC titles are. I'm looking to jump in with both feet!


Here's the game I mentioned:




God that looks gorgeous!

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Wow...great art direction and sound design going on there. The look reminds me of some of those old side scrollers like Out Of This World, Flashback and the other one (name escapes my memory...lil boy...venus fly traps...great music...animation was stellar...released by Virgin...blah this is buggin me!).

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I wish I had a PC to take part in this convo.

I guess I'll take this opportunity to pimp two of my favorite games, both of which happen to be indie and cross-platform!


N by Metanet Software




N is a freeware single-screen platformer (reminiscent of Lode Runner) where you play an unarmed ninja making his way through a world inhabited by ruthless bots. There are 100 episodes of 5 levels each, ranging from relatively simple to keyboard-smashingly difficult. The levels are timed, and your time carries over between levels within an episode. Collecting gold strewn about the levels allows you to increase this time and avoid an animated death.


N's physics are quite fun, but take a little while to get used to at first. But it's totally worth it when you pull off some crazy wall-jumping badassery that would make Ryu Hayabusa jealous. Like many ninja games, this game becomes incredibly difficult. Beating the original 100 episodes included with the game is a major feat.


Cave Story by Studio Pixel




This Metroidvania-esque freeware platformer is the creation of one man, a Japanese programmer who goes by the name of Pixel. It's originally in Japanese, so you'll need a translated version for English (I have the pretranslated PC and pretranslated Mac files conveniently mirrored).


The game is very enjoyable, has a great story, and all kinds of secrets and multiple paths you can take that really enhance replayability. It's the kind of old-school shooter/platformer/exploration game I just can't get enough of.


For some reason the Mac version seems to crash semi-frequently under Rosetta, so I'm not sure of a better solution than saving often.

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