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Well I played about an hour into the new Sam N Max game and thought I would post my initial impressions. :) So, it seems very much like the original game IMO... Its in 3D now including the characters and environments, you move around and interact via the mouse but, it still feels very 2D despite the new appearance (not a bad thing). The dialog trees are a little different now and you can select between multiple characters during them to do a funny Bad Cop/Worse Cop type of thing :). The inventory system seems "simplified" compared to the original but, again nothing bad by any means. You just select the item and click it on something to interact as opposed to the original game where you selected the item, then the action (look, use, combine) then click it on something to interact. The voices are not the original actors and its very noticeable to anyone who played the original and some of the dialog doesn't seem as witty to me as it was in the original. I get the feeling that they're trying too hard to come up with obtuse/funny stuff like "Holy Magma Monsters making a beeline for the high school!" Its not bad just didn't instantly "click" for me like the original does. IMHO of course...


So - All in all, I like it so far and its easy to recommend as it is essentially free (sign up for GameTap and get 2 weeks free - more than enough time to play through this first episode of Sam N Max). So try it yourself and see if you like it enough to keep playing the future eps.

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Thanks for the impressions-looking forward to playing this in November when it goes public. I'm a little disappointed with the changed voices, but I suppose that's bound to happen after so long. Were the voices in the original game and the cartoon the same though? Haven't seen the series in so long that I really can't remember.

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