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ICEMAT gaming headset/ earphones $10 AR shipped


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$80 MSRP gaming headset...


Swiped shamelessly from Fatwallet:






Use google checkout for an extra $10. ~$40- $20 rebate - $10 google = ~$10 shipped











I liked the fact that you can hear while using them - bjorn3d says:


The headphones have holes in them, letting the outside sound ‘leak’ in. This, however, also lets the sound ‘leak’ out, which means you won’t want to listen to music with a high volume in public unless you want to annoy others.


So I can hear if people want to talk to me, or if the baby wakes up, etc. Yay! Plus I needed some good headphones anyway for my mp3 player/NDS/etc... earbuds fall out of my right ear.

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