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Ninja Gaiden 2


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This most recent interview with Team Ninja's rockstar reveals a little bit of the politics behind Ninja Gaiden Sigma, where Ninja Gaiden 2 is headed, etc... He all but says that A) His next project is Ninja Gaiden 2 B) It is a 360 game


But I found most intriguing was his contention that it is going to look different. There was sort of a negative reaction to Team Ninja's art style on the 360. Their cartoony flat graphics looked amazing on the Xbox, but on the 360, compared to other more photo realistic games, didn't look "next-gen." So I think they're going to change the art style a little for NG2:


1UP: Obviously the PS3 is a machine capable of some impressive graphics. It's a not a question of whether it is better than the 360 or vice versa but more of its ability to create some good stuff. Is there any chance Ninja Gaiden Sigma could look so good that it would look better than Ninja Gaiden 2?


TI: You'd better think about my skills a little bit more before you ask that question. [laughter] Hayashi is a rookie but I think he did really well this time around for a rookie. I hope that veterans at other companies who are making action games on the PS3 won't lose out to our rookie. [laughter]


1UP: Are you replying in a fashion that suggests that while the rookie has done a good job with NGS, that it's only a hint of what people can expect out of Ninja Gaiden 2 because it is done by the veterans of Team Ninja?


TI: It's pointless for me to comment at this point since we can't show you anything.


1UP: I think what I am looking for here is a statement of intent, a declaration -- not in a way that will diminish what Hayashi is working on -- but I think 360 fans are looking for a rallying cry against the wave of all the PS3 hype that is hitting this season.


TI: First of all the chief designer, myself, is focused on Ninja Gaiden 2 and I am not thinking about any other work at this point. As soon as this DOAX2 development is over then I will have something to tell you.


1UP: Having worked on two Xbox 360 games now and seeing the graphics shift, such as self-shadowing, etc...


TI: I think for our next title we're definitely going to change our visual style quite a bit.

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