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Its hard to get everyone together...TWiT going off the air?


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Apparently Leo Laport is finding it difficult to keep his band of tech pundits together and getting them to show up for his flagship show in his podcast network. Here is what he had to say:


It's about 80 degrees out - in all likelyhood the last nice day of summer in Northern California - so all the TWiTs decided to play hookey. At the same time. Unfortunately that means there will be no show tonight.


It's my turn to play hookey next week. I'm off on a Geek Cruise next Friday, and will be gone through November 4, so there will be no TWiT next week either.


I'll decide what happens to TWiT, the show, when I come back, but at this point it looks like it's on life support and the heart monitor is flatlining.




It's not I who want to take a break. I'm here every week ready to record, edit, and post a show. I gladly put in more time on the show than all the other TWiTs put together, but if the other TWiTs decide not to show there's not much I can do about it.


At this point I have a couple of choices. I could re-cast the show with people who will actually show up, but is it a TWiT without Patrick and John?


Or I could put TWiT to rest and come up with something to replace it. Neither choice is desirable, especially since we have a sponsor who is paying to be on this show in particular, but frankly it's more than I can handle trying to keep this cast together.


As I said, I'm going to defer a decision until I come back fromt the cruise.


Would be sad to see it go.

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