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Free Xbox per hour from pepsi/doritos


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Similar to the "be first to play" contest that ran last year, there's another pepsi contest that's giving away a bunch of 360s, accessory packs, HDTVs, mp3 players, and portable DVD players. Basically you enter a PIN for a particular hour's draw, each of which is attached to a particular prize. Already have a 360, but a free wireless headset and racing wheel wouldn't hurt. Check out http://wineveryhour.ca for details. Best of all, the no purchase entry link works once per hour, so lots of free entries are easy to get and pool for a single draw.


Only good in Canada though ;)

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After reading that you won Chris, I gave this a try. I also won the Racing Wheel/Wireless Headset. I figured everyone would be trying for the 40" HDTV or even the Xbox360. Only us owners are going to try for an Accessory Pack. It worked. Entered over lunch (for the noon to 12:59 pm time slot), and got the winning email at 1:20 pm.


Thanks for the heads up.



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