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Looking for a good pc backup program


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Girlfriend wants to update her laptop to SP2 since no more updates for SP1 will be available. Doesn't look like there is anything installed already that will backup her HD. Anyone have any good experiences with anything out there? Hopefully nothing too expensive or difficult to use. Thanks.



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In theory I'd say Norton Ghost. It is incredibly easy to use, for backing up. Very fast. Great for scheduling. Makes image files. But I have never, thank god, had to restore anything. So i can't really say that it is great, cause I've never had to depend on it. note: I backup to a secondary harddrive, so I don't burn any of it to CDs, or DVDs, but I could.

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I've used a bunch and this one is the best I've found for the price:




Acronis can do anything: backup, clone, over a network, to a USB drive, incremental weekly/nightly backups, whatever. I have version 9.0, so I don't know what 10.0 adds, but 9.0 is excellent. We use it for our home internet business, it does a bang up job.


I think there is a free download trial available too, so you need not take my word for it ;)

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