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Ow, your controller is hurting my hand...

Chris The Rock

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Is it just me, or does anyone else think the Sony controller design isn't that great for 1st (and 3rd) person shooters? My right thumb gets sore on the top when I use it. Edit: I should clarify -- The muscle that attaches my thumb to the rest of my hand gets sore...


I vastly prefer the offset dual analog sticks of the Microsoft controllers.



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From what I remember this has been discussed time and time again.


Some prefer one, some prefer the others. Some (like myself) don't really have a problem with either. I think you'll find that there's no answer to this at the end of the day, and the end result is that it's often how the game is designed to use the controller.

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The PS controller is too small for my gigantic hands which resemble blocks of ham with hot dogs attached. I can understand why they designed it that way as I am not gracile as your average Japanese gamer. I know that the spinning spiked columns in God of War made me whimper, cry and dip my hands in ice water upon completion.


The 360 controller is pure mana. It has the heft of the wavebird (another fine controller that ends up giving me hand cramps), but allows my hams to grip it lovingly when winning and takes the abuse of A. The death grip when I am out of control in Burnout/PGR B. Swinging it wildly while trying to put a backspin on a ping pong ball and C. Bite it as I get schooled in Halo.



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I have been very vocal here about my dislike of the Playstation controllers analog stick placement. IMHO, the PS controller is a tired design and really needs a makeover. I don't care what anyone says, the 360 controller is pure bliss as far as comfort and button placement goes. The only thing I wish it had was Sony's d-pad.



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I have never been a fan of the Playstation controller. IMO, a well designed controller rests in your hand freeing up your fingers for button and stick movement. The Playstation controller forces your fingers to both support the controller and work the controls. Certainly, you can rest the controller in your palm but you loose simultaneous access to the shoulder buttons and front face. It's an either-or arrangement which doesn't work for me.


When it comes to FPS games the analogs have two problems: They are far too loose and they are not offset. The offset nature of the Xbox controllers is made with the FPS in mind.

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