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Xbox 360 Soccer - Which One to Get?

Dave C

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ok, football for the rest of the World...


My daughter who plays on a travel team has been asking me for a soccer game. We have been playing the 360 FIFA 07 demo alot and really enjoy it. Should I buy EA's now or wait for other releases (i.e.: Pro Evolution)?


I'll read the reviews that are out there but I still wanted to get your opinions on the various soccer offerings and your past experiences.

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FIFA'07 got a really good review on Eurogamer, who are usually tough on FIFA games. I enjoyed the demo - EA's football games are definitely getting better. Haven't played this year's ProEvo games yet to compare it against though. I think if she's been enjoying the FIFA demo, it'd be a good enough purchase for her.

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Pro Evo 6 has been getting mixed feedback here on the 360. It suffers from some slowdown and other niggles like infuriatingly being unable to edit teams. Some users are actually going as far as to brand it a real letdown, even in comparison to this years PS2 version.


EA, surely with intention to offer micro-transactions, have robbed the 360 version of Fifa of a number of teams, options and stadiums available on the PS2..etc releases which is a bit cheeky frankly.


It's difficult to say which one to favour really.


There's a huge thread at NTSC-UK with comments from those who have been playing the 360 version of Pro Evo:



Live Arcade needs Sensi right now!

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