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Need some help with current gen Football Games


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Looking through all of the various info about the newest and shiniest 2004 NFL games, I wanted to find out some specifics that I just haven't been able to locate online.


I currently have Madden 2004 (it came out first :D ).


Here's my dream:


Is there a way (in this game, or an older Madden, NFL/ESPN, etc game) to build a team using existing players, both active and retired? Can I use members of historical teams on other teams (trade, etc)?


It's quite simple. I want to have Barry Sanders as my RB (still trying to open the 1991 Lions on Madden 2004) and McNair as my QB, but not with the Lions/Titans. I don't even know if that is doable on M2004. Is it on E2004? In NCAA 2004 (from OSU).


Doesn't seem possible, but some here have played FAR more than I have, and can be of service.


Thanks for the help!


Take care,



P.S. Yes, this same sad thread is at HTF as well. I'll probably get quicker and wiser service here, but I need the help!!!

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