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COD2 Live Improved?


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Last Thursday my friends and I setup a private game on Live and there was 5 of us. What I noticed was the insane smoothness and lack of lag the entire time. I was actually getting dizzy because of how smooth it was. Our pings were also lower than before. Was there any network improvements done?


Another thing I noticed was a lightbulb appearing above someone's head when they pressed start. Was that always there before? You can clearly see the lightbulb from accross the map so you can tell where the person is. My friends and I have pressed start to change weapons but I have never noticed this until last week.

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Ever since Infinity Ward patched the game things have been smooth sailing with COD2 online. It really is a shame that it took so long to work out the online kinks in the game, but the end result was well worth it.


You should join us tonight at 10 ET. Only one more week until COD3 hits!

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