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Star Wars HD Month on Cinemax


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Yeah, but chances are you won't be watching the "originals" if Georgie Boy has something to say about it. :)

Ugh, you're right.


I'd still like to have Empire in HD. With the changes, Empire is the least f*cked up and still quite watchable. As for New Hope, well, I can avert my eyes when Greedo shoots first and fast forward through the Jabba sequence.


Regardless, New Hope and Empire in HD is good news, indeed.

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I've been watching Cinemax HD on and off throughout the day. Saw the last 45 minutes of Empire, and the first part of Jedi. Both looked really good, and there was that extra touch of screen clarity you notice on HD programs. I ended up setting the DVR to record the rest of Jedi so I could go back and compare it with the DVD.


I also caught a bit of Phantom Menace, but it didn't look like HD...it was very much DVD quality. AotC is on now, it looks a little better, but still lacks the HD clarity. All looked to have the proper aspect ratio, as there were black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. So for my quick review...


Jabba in HD? :tu


Jar Jar in HD? :td

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