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Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Communicator (by Microsoft)

Dave C

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My buy.com shipment arrived at my house this morning. Looking forward to trying it out when I get home.


Prior reviews (major nelson, etc..) stated that the voice comm is an improvement over the standard headset. I'm wondering how much of the improvement is due to the Fall Update (which would have been needed to test prior to release), rather than the wireless headset itself.


I plan on doing an A/B test tonight between the standard and wireless. I'll shoot one of you guys a chat invite. I'd also like to try a wireless to wireless chat.

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I'm tempted to get one of these as having the wired headset just doesn't feel right when chatting and playing. The price is an obstacle, at least a little bit. I may just wait til Christmas and let my wife know I wouldn't mind one.


The fact that the standard headset is teathered to the controller never really bothered me. Although being able to walk/chat around the house without having to carry the controller will be nice. I was more happy to hear about the improvement in voice. If it turns out that the improvement in voice is mainly due to the Fall Update, then others may be content with the standard headset.


I'll end up keeping it regardless. I spent just as much on a blue tooth headset for my cell phone and have yet to use it. At least I know I'll be using this.

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I'm grabbing one. I stepped on my wired one that came with my Premium 360 and it is currently cobbled together with tape. To get a new one is almost 30 dollars CDN, so for 60 dollars CDN why not go for the smaller, wireless one.


At least that is my justification for being a MS whore on this one :P

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Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Communicator Review


First thing I noticed when I opened the package is that the build quality is very good.




It comes packaged with two different sized rubber ear loops that snap on, a power adapter and a 51 page multilingual instruction booklet.




The headset is very comfortable due to its light weight and minimum pressure on the ear.


Activating the headset is similar to syncing a new wireless controller. You can assign the headset to any controller quadrant.






To turn the headset on, press the power button. To turn it off press and hold the power button. When you turn off the console, the headset turns off automatically.




To adjust the listening level, you press and hold the volume button which is located on both sides of the power button that is located in the center. To temporarily mute your voice just briefly press the power button. Press it again to turn off mute. All operations have a distinct audible confirmation similar to a cell phone bluetooth headset.


There are also audible low power warnings:


2 audible tones indicate 30 minutes of battery life remaining

3 audible tones indicate 5 minutes of battery life remaining


There is a charge port at the opposite end of the mic.




A full charge can take up to 4 hours. When the headset is charging the four quadrant lights will blink green in sequence. When the charge is complete all four lights will blink in unison. A fully charged battery should last aprroximately 8 hours. That's pretty much what I expected and is just fine as I rarely multiplay with voice for more than 3 hours at a time.


I only had time to do a brief test with a friend. So far voice quality appears to be very good. I haven't had the chance to do an A/B comparison with a the standard wired headset so as mentioned early, it's hard to say what really is contributing to the improved voice quality (Fall Update and/or the wireless headset).


Wired vs. Wireless Comparison Coming Soon.





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