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Would you like some fries with that?

Bruce B

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Picked up lunch today at Buger King and picked up all 3 of the BK titles. If anyone else gets them and wants to try out some online let me know :tu


Same here. At first he would only sell me one, but then gave them all to me for 4 bucks each.


I'm curious to play Sneak King. Pocketbike Racer suppossedly is like Mario Kart. I didn't realize till I read the back of the box what Big Bumpin was about. 4 mini games involving bumper cars.

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I picked up Sneak King last night and Pocket Bike Racers today. The BK I went to would only give me one game per meal. I feel sick now.


I've played way too much Sneak King already. For me, this game falls into the "so bad it's good" category. The camera sucks donkey nuts and the gameplay is incredibly repetitive but there is an undeniable charm to serving a Whopper to an unsuspecting person on the street.


I haven't tried out the racing game yet and I'll pick up the bumper car game when I can drag myself back to Burger King.

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Okay, I picked up Sneak King last night. This could be the defining game for this generation of consoles. I mean Marcus Fenix has nothing on The King. Just kidding. Honestly though, this game is kind of fun. Some of the missions are frustrating as hell, but for $4 it's definitely entertaining and worth picking up. If nothing else, you can just sit there and get creeped out/laugh at how disturbing and hilarious it is.


I might go pick up Big Bumpin' (God, what a horrible but funny title) tonight and see if I can get into some online action. I read if you hit Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start that Brooke Burke drives her bumper car naked...

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