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Pocketdish by Dishnetwork, Any one Use it?


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I've used the AV700, its a pretty nice unit and really easy to move programming off your reciever, the unit I played with was hooked into a Dish HD DVR 622. The screen was pretty decent. If you are looking for something that big and have a Dish DVR it was a nice unit. The smallest unit felt cheap.


BTW - Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks for the welcome and for the feedback.


Have you tired playing MP3's on it? From what I read on it the transfer is not that easy.


Thanks again


It had MP3s on it, but the guy who owned it said he much prefered to use his iPod for that purpose. the device was just too big to be used for that role. He uses it to watch his TV shows on his lunch break and on times that he is gone from home for a while.

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