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Graphics Preference

Sam P

What is your graphic preference?  

  1. 1. What is your graphic preference?

    • Elaborate visuals are more important than framerates
    • Framerates are more important

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Often times developers have to strike a balance - providing gorgeous graphics with plenty of effects while maintaining a nice, consistent frame rate with minimal slowdown. There've been plenty of games that went to either extreme and some that strike a nice middle ground.


However, if you had to choose one or the other, what will it be? Looks at the expense of speed? Or smoothness while sacrificing visual quality?


I'll go with speed most of the time. Having to compensate for the delayed response from the game (especially in racing or action genres) really gets to me, nevermind how good it looks.

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A good framerate is more important to me though if the option was available I would have chosen the balanced option. Good framerate, excellentt graphics and pq. In the end, if Ihad to make a choice, framerate all the way. A beautiful game can get real ugly when its choppy.

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Right. That's what I tend to do too when it's a PC title and you're given an option.


Almost all of the console games don't, and how quickly the game runs is decided by the developers based on the hardware limitations and what they think is best. And often times I can't say I agree with some of their tilts towards graphics/effects over framrates.


One example is the GTA3/Vice City games for the PS2. Sometimes the slowdowns were really, really bad. When you're being rammed by cops in every direction and taking plenty of automatic weapon fire while trying to get a passenger delivered to a safehouse without being killed, 12fps just won't do.

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