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360 HDDVD Drive. Did you pick one up?


360 HDDVD Drive  

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  1. 1. 360 HDDVD Drive

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Picked it up yesterday. My wife has been giving me strange looks because I've been fiddling around with TV settings all afternoon (I tried calibrating the new player with a Sound & Vison tune up disc). We have a date to watch Blazing Saddles on HD-DVD tomorrow night, so that will be the true test to see if I can get a convert to the new format.


Edit: I thought Blazing Saddles looked really good. I asked my wife if she could tell if it was HD, and she replied "I guess so, I wasn't really looking, I just wanted to watch the movie". So she's not a convert yet. It may take a while, she said similar things when we first got HD cable, but now she knows when her favorite shows are on HD and refuses to watch them on the other TV.

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Got mine this afternoon at Circuit City. The $40 off coupon was a deal I couldn't pass up.


Kong looks fantastic. I plan to watch it this weekend but I did get a chance to skim over some scenes. My next purchase will be Batman Begins but I will probably rent the majority of my HD material from Netflix until the format war sorts itself out.

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As soon as my local Blockbuster starts renting HD-DVD movies I might pick up a player. I'm in no hurry though. Would prefer to just wait out the format war. Really curious to see how well Blu-Ray does now that PS3 is here. I'll be more likely to get a stand alone player than the 360 addon though just for the sake of better sound.

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