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360 warranty question

Jeff W

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My 360 was manufactered in 05 and since MS extended the warranty for 1 year on those I'm wondering if I can still get an extended warranty on it? I thought you could add a warranty as long as it was still under the original. End of the year is coming up quick and I'm having the odd freeze here and there, starting to get worried and would rather avoid having to drop $300 on a core system.


Damn shame I have to worry about a 1 year old console dying :bh

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Microsoft's stance is that the extended warranty period for the '05 system repairs does not entitle you to the ability to buy a warranty on the console (outside of the 90 day period set by the original purchase). However, if you try your hand at speaking to an understanding CS rep over there you may be able to convince them to sell you one of the warranties.


Also, if you've recently had the console sent in for repair, that does "reset" the 90 day warranty period and does allow you to buy one of the extended warranty plans.

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