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Ok, I've FINALLY signed up over here :)


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Hey guys, finally got around to signing up over here and looking forward to playing against you again soon. I'll be getting the following games on their release dates: Crimson Skies, TopSpin, Links, Rainbow Six and CounterStrike.


Can't wait to get us all together again and have some great matches like we did at the HTF. A shout out also to my former teammates Grooving, RuffNeck, Rainmakyr and the rest of you. Any of you signed up here already? Nice forum here too as I've been lurking this week but just signed up today.

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Thanks guys. Just replied to the "introduction thread" I've been playing Soldier of Fortune almost exclusively for months now so I look forward to all the new LIVE games coming out soon. Good to hear from you Grooving, we'll be fragging them together soon now :) Can't wait for some multiplayer LINKS action. That will be a complete trip lol

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Good to see you Steve! We've GOT to get together for some Live action. If you or Grooving can shoot me an email when you get on, I'd like to get on and do it up like the good ole days. I miss those late night RtCW frag fests with the rest of the HTFers.


I've toned down my Galaxies play and would like to get back in the Live groove but does anyone play regulary anymore? I log in from time to time but don't see any of the usual suspects...


Though I did hook up with Joey, Cal, Leslie, Gary, and Allen, among others, a while back for a Live chat - while they played SOCOM! lol


Perhaps a Wolfenstein tourney is in order?

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