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XB360 Modding


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Anyone cracked their case yet? I've been thinking about it; I bought the console from Costco back in April and haven't had so much as a hiccup, so I think it's alright, and the warranty is up too. Anyway, I've been looking at the Black Night case from XCM, replacing the fans with some quieter ones, and possibly putting Arctic Silver under the heatsinks.


I'm not considering painting, cutting windows, bla bla, all that crap. NO THANKS. Just replacing the case so it looks better with my other AV equipment, and doing what I can to quiet the thing down.


Anyway, has anyone else done any modding on their 360? Any suggestions or regrets? Thanks :D


Edit: Although, I would consider painting the HDD enclosure, just so it all matches, because that's important :P

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I bought a new faceplate and put an ir blaster on the inside of the case.


The ir blaster works great! The face plate looks like crap. :td I'll likely end up going the skin route for $25 rather then replacing the whole case for $70.


I'd love a solution to quiet the fans, but until something well proven comes along I'm not going to touch them.

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I have a mod to quiet the fans: turn up the volume. ;)

My girlfriend doesn't always care for this mod but it certainly drowns out the fans.


While I'm not likely to mod the appearance of my 360 I would like to see pics if anyone here does mods. That's always fun.

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I put the talismoon blue fan on my 360 today. I've replaced plenty of pc parts, so installing the internal fan didn't scare me, well until I started ripping this apart. Pulling and prying on various plastic hooks made me extremely nervous, and then I nearly snapped the dvd open button in two. :o


About half way through tearing the case off, I found out you need a torx screw driver, size T10 if anyone is planning on doing this. So anyway after putting the damn thing in, I bundle it all back up and the fans are screaching. :furious I tear the entire case off again, plug it in, and now the fans are nice and quiet. :confused: After about 30 minutes worth of fiddling it turned out the case was slightly over tightened and this was causing the fans to clank up against their housing.


So now they're in and everything appears to be operating normally. :rock The fans are much quieter, but I don't have any sort of testing equipment to determine if they are in fact even moving as much air as the originals. The blue light, well I don't really get the appeal of it, in a well lit room you wouldn't even notice it was there.

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