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PC Crashing with Media Connect and Xbox 360...


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Hello all.


Having a problem with my PC crashing after Media Connect loads with the 360 on. If the 360 is off the PC has no problems, however when I attempt to modify the media sharing options, like limiting connections to only the Xbox 360, when I hit enter to accept the changes, it crashes and reboots.


If I power on the PC while the 360 is on, it gets stuck in a reboot loop shortly after Media Connect establishes file sharing.


I've uninstalled Net Framework 1.0, 1.1, and the 1.1 service pack and reinstalled them. I've also attempted to download and reinstall Media Connect 2.0 from Microsoft, but the file is currently unavailable. When I DL'd it from another software site and installed it, I didn't notice any change, though I didn't receive any install errors.


When I tried to uninstall Media Connect from Add/Remove, the system crashed to reboot on the final stage of the uninstall. It didn't take.


I've even tried the new Zune method of media sharing, but I can't tell if it's allowed to take over while Media Connect is still installed. It didn't solve the rebooting problem.


I've googled a bit but none of the problems with Media Connect and crashing share the symptoms I'm experiencing.


Any help would be greatly appreciated as this has become nerve-wracking.



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Looks like the problem may be with a corrupt install of Media Player 10. (wtf)


It won't let me roll back to version 9 and when I attempt to install version 11, it reboots after the installer raches the 50% mark.


When I try and reinstall version 10, I get an error that says this version of Media Technologies is incompatible with my OS (Windows XP Pro). I've tried monkeying with the wmploc.dll (v.9, v.10, and v.11) but no go.


Sigh, looks like I'm going to get to do some early OS spring cleaning.

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