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Jak2 review

paul h

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Eurogamer have given it 9/10 and i tend to agree with most of their reviews ive read.. having loved the first game and looking forward to a challenge this is definitely a must buy for me. Nice to see Widescreen, ProLogicII and Progressive Scan all supported too.


"With approaching 60 missions (yes, that'll be six-oh), there's an impressive amount of variety on offer, meaning the game rarely gets repetitive. To appease fans of the original there are plenty of traditional platforming antics, and unsurprisingly this forms the foundation of the game. Elsewhere Jak II sports immensely impressive Wipeout-style racing missions, mech-based destruction, on-rails shooting, a 'Whack a Metalhead' mini-game (like the Whack a Rat game in Sam & Max), Indiana Jones-style chase sequences, city-based 'ring' racing, protection missions, Tony Hawk-esque hover board missions, puzzle-based block-pushing missions, switch activating missions and a wealth of other minor diversions that constantly keep the game fresh, demanding and exciting. And you can even play as Daxter!"


"Happily, the frame rate never wavers, the detail levels have reached new heights for a PS2 game, and camera-related issues that blighted the original have almost been entirely eradicated, thank goodness. In Widescreen and Progressive Scan mode, we can't think of a game of its type that comes close to displaying the architectural splendour, sense of scale and fine detail - right down to little showers of dust and rubble in one broken-down area early on - that Jak II manages. We await technological bedfellow Ratchet & Clank 2 with keen interest."


"The hardest thing about reviewing Jak II is recalling how much pain it gave us. We've scanned a few other assessments of this game elsewhere, and rarely do they mention just how hard, how long, how annoying and how frustrating it can be. Shame on them. It's unlikely anyone will breeze through this game, no matter how much of a supposed ninja gamer they are, and you'll question your own sanity sometimes as you replay the same level over and over for three hours or more. Curse Naughty Dog for creating what is - at times - an almost unplayably hard game, but if you can dig deep into your well of persistence and climb this mountain of a game, you'll get a great view of the most involving, rewarding and momentous platform game ever created."

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Well, the thing that has me concerned is the difficulty level of this game. Review after review mentions just how hard this game is, and so the question becomes, are we talking legitmately hard, or stupid, cheap, throw your controller at-the-set hard. Methinks, I'll rent first and find out. In a way I'm suprised, I thought the original was fairly easy. The sequel appears to be a sequel in name only, with few shared elements.

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