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Tony Hawk Project 8


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Anyone playing this? I've rented it from GameFly for the 360 & I'm really torn over it. Its design & playability are a huge step over last year's American Wasteland, and is truly a next generation "Tony Hawk" with the new modes, the new level layout/progression & just the general change in direction of "back to basics". The 'nail the trick' mode is awesome once you get to grips with it, the new challenge system feels natural, and the general feel rocks.


The downside is the framerate sucks. Sucks, sucks, sucks. It can't stay steady at all, chopping whenever there's a good view of the complicated and big level. For me, it's dragging down all of the hard work that Neversoft obviously have put into this game, and it's a real shame. I love the changes I listed above but I can't get past the framerate.

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