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Live Online Schedule for Week of 11/19


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P.S Sorry Ronald Room got full quick,Thats why invite didnt get sent


It's cool. I just sat on the dashboard for half an hour, staring at your names with "Gears of War" listed next to them... then occasionally I'd cycle through selecting each name to see the state "Online, Execution, Gridlock", "Online, Execution, Gridlock", "Online, Execution, Gridlock", "Online, Execution, Gridlock", "Online, Execution, Gridlock" ... then I'd sigh... :P


After awhile I took the plastic off of COD3 and played that for awhile...


Then I went to bed.


I got up this morning; got dressed; fed the dog; and came to work. Now I'm at work, and I read your post a few minutes ago. Then I started a reply. Now I'm finished that reply and I'll hit "Submit Reply".

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