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KOTOR Question


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So I'm still toward the beginning of the game, and I'm leaning toward the dark side. Anyway, I made the deal to kill Gadon, but he and his assistant chick are kicking my ass. Hard. I haven't had this much trouble in a battle yet. Any pointers to those who did this one?

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He's the blind gang leader you make the deal with to get the swoop engine accelerator. You go into the opposing gang base to steal the accelerator, but when you get there you have the option to turn on Gadon a-la darkside. You have to go back to the Hidden Bek base, go down an elevator, and kill Gadon.

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I never took that approach while playing dark, even though I finished the game with a completely dark character. Anyways, to answer your question, do you have any grenandes? Either the sticky stuff or the kaboom stuff will do. Also, who's in your party? At this point in the game, the dude who's name starts with a C and the wookie are your best fights. If your character is good with close combat, take out two swords and strike away. The swords can do more damage(but you are also more vulnerable to strikes).


Now for the planning...

Get your guy to chuck an ahesive grenade or queue a bunch of exploding grenandes to the max.

Then queue your other party members to fire using power strike or flurry strike.

If you threw an adhesive grenade, focus on one guy, and start chopping away with your sword. If you queued exploding grenades, then wait until the queue ends, then use your sword.


Hope that helps or maybe you just passed it on your own.

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