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Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express

Mark E

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Yes, finally a new adventure game has come for those hardcore adventure gamers on the forum (me) who love their Agatha Christie (also me)! This was supposed to release last Tuesday and it just got into stores today.


So far the game seems to be much more streamlined than the poor-to-mediocre And Then There Were None, which had a decent premise but didn't follow through very well. There was a very easy opening level to help you make some progress but actually feel like you're doing something useful. Just after that there's an extended interactive cut-scene once the Orient Express leaves the station and that's where I'm at now.


The graphics are passable. Enjoyable, but not great. Some of the models look a bit off and there are issues with subtitles not appearing the right color when people talk. A lot of nice changes since ATTWN, based on some feedback the designers received, including the double-click to move to next screen automatically and being able to actually skip text.


I'm hoping the new ending makes a bit more sense than the one in ATTWN, which I spoiled for myself and was less than impressed by (although the original is included for your viewing pleasure as an extra bonus at the end).


Let me be frank though, the killer point to this game that makes it all worthwhile is the fact that David Suchet himself does the voice of Poirot. For those who don't know, he portrays the detective on the A&E mysteries and is considered the definitive actor in the role. Suchet is doing great work in the game and your main character plays off him really well (Poirot brilliantly functions as the game's hint system as well). I'll be sure to keep me posted on how this all turns out :D.

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No, I was implying nobody else cared ;). Deliberate misplacement dammit :P.


At any rate, this is the best adventure game I've played in a long time. The puzzles make some modicum of sense and while it's not perfect, it reminds me of a more polished and interesting version of The Colonel's Bequest with fewer murders. Again though, I love Christie and Poirot so I have rose colored glasses on here.


Back to your back-and-forth :D

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