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Speech recognition software

Bruce B

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My wife is finishing up her Masters degree in psychology on her way to her P.H.D. and is doing a practicum where she has real clients. Tonight she is writing notes about her clients so it made me wonder if anyone knew of a decent voice recognition software so she wouldn't have to type out her notes after every session.

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Here at BigOil we are big time into Ergonomics. Every employee has the option to install and use Dragon Naturally Speaking. I haven't tried it myself, but a couple of friends have used it and they say it works reasonably well.


Here's the blurb about it:


Dragon NaturallySpeaking? eliminates the need for typing and using a mouse by recording what a person dictates — capturing 150 words per minute with up to 99 percent accuracy. The more the software is used, the better it gets at interpreting the nuances of the individual's voice.


Good luck! Take care of your hands.




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