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Where do I go from here? AKA 4 long years


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After 4 years of some of the best and worst moments in my life, I finally got accepted into medical school at the University of Kentucky.


I'm not really sure where to begin. I really can't believe that four years have passed since I've graduated college. Most of my friends are either finishing up med school or in the middle of their internship. And I'm just getting started.


I just feel numb. I feel like I'm going to wake up any moment, and this whole thing has been a dream. The sadness, self-doubt, and grief have finally gone, but I feel like I should be bouncing off the walls right now.


I finally get to move on with my life. I mean the Nintendo Wii and the PS3 are out for goodness' sakes, and I should be jubilant. But I feel strange. I feel like I'm leaving something behind. Is this normal?

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Change is scary. But it's a good thing. Sounds like you're moving on, getting ready for a career that it sounds like you've been wanting for a while. That numbness will turn to terror when you start getting paperwork and class schedules, so enjoy it for now. Gloat - tell your family you're gonna be a doctor. Start painting fantasies of your future life, start dreaming - you deserve it.

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Congrats man,

It is a tough 4 years but it can be as good as any other time of your life. I made the closest friends I have in med school and we had a great time in between cramming for all the tests.


Having been out for a few years helps more than it hurts as I think most of us who start a few years later have matured a bit more and are a bit more focused than those fresh out of college. That's what I tell myself anyway. Good luck,


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