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Nascar: Dirt to Daytona mini-review

The Daisy

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Ok, I'm not really a big Nascar fan... and I couldn't tell you what the hell drag coefficent does to your car, but I've been enjoying this game.


I picked it up a few months ago for $15 bucks and have been having a great time with the career mode in it thus far.


Basically, you start off driving dirt track cars and earn money each week, as well as new sponsors, and spend that money on upgrades for your car. Do well enough and at the end of the season you can get bigger and better sponsors and move up to the next level of racing.


One feature that I thought was interesting in the game was the fact that when you get the chance to race at the next level, was that you still can race at the dirt track level as well. The money doesn't really much matter once you move up to the featherlight circuit, the 2nd one available, but it's fun to spin around on those dirt tracks after racing on a "regular" track for a while.


Overall, the game has 4 different levels to progress through in the career mode (dirt, featherlights, craftsman trucks, and the full Nascar circuit.)


Another thing that surprised me is how well the Gamecube controller works for racing titles. I wasn't quite sure how it would do, but once I got into the game I never worried once about the controller.


I have to say for the $15 that I spent on it, I've really gotten my money's worth. Add that to the fact that it supports 16X9 and Progressive scan output, and I've got myself a pretty fun and pretty looking racer.


Just thought I would let you all know about it. :)



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