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Elebits (Wii)

Angry the Clown

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I felt it time the curious looking Wii title called Elebits from Konami got its own thread. For those that don?t know, the game creates an interactive homely environment where your task is to seek out Elebits, little creatures who are apparently the natural source of the planet?s energy.


Although rumoured to potentially have had full online play, it does seem as if the game will actually have some online functions:


Gamefront has revealed that Elebits will be one of the first titles to take advantage of the WiiConnect24 capabilities of the Wii.


You'll be able to send new maps to users overnight, and it will also be possible to edit your own levels with custom rules and send them off to a friend. As a bit of a bonus you'll even be able to take screen captures and send the images over to your friends.


It's only a small beginning, but we were beginning to get a little bit worried that developers had forgotten about this feature on the Wii.




Coming from a PAL region news site I did wonder whether this information might only relate to the PAL release of Elebits which is not coming until 2007 ? next year being when we know the Wii?s online gaming functions to kick off in full. Hopefully not though, in fact this news seems to have originally come from a Famitsu Online interview (here) so with luck the US version in December will indeed sport these features too.


In other news?


Elebtis are cute. Fact. They also get a little drunk

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Person in Elebit costume falling over. Funny.

Person in Elebit costume, falling over, sped up to Benny Hill music. Funnier.



Yes I truly am easily amused.


Okay, that is funny. I think it has something to do with the assistant flipping out while the children poke at it.

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Silicon Era has a closer look at the online map creating and sharing functions including a lot of nice pictures:


On the bottom of the screen is a bar where you can select pieces to place in your custom level. Each piece takes up points and a level is a maximum of 1000 points. Once you’re finished you can send the level to a friend so they can play on it.



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Gamebrink have a preview of the final release build of the Japanese version of Elebits.


The FPS style control scheme works perfectly in Elebits. The only thing that really detracts from the experience is some of the wonky physics. It's really annoying when you're trying to open a cabinet door only to have it open and then slowly close again. In essence, most doors of any kind require some finesse to open and keep open in order to find all the little hiding buggers.


Some may think this gameplay is a bit simplistic and repetitive and while it is at times, the developers have done a lot to mix things up. On some levels you can only break so many ceramics and on others you can only make so much noise while whipping things around. Also, don't forget there are bosses and the awesome Create-A-Level mode.


They also have a gameplay video. It looks very smooth in motion I must say.




My interest in this one is continuously on the up.

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Joystiq hands on:


A typical level starts out with you rummaging throughout the shelves and cupboards for elebits, ending with your powered up gun lifting up entire pieces of furniture effortlessly, as you trash the place looking the elusive creatures.Not a million miles away from the N64's Pokemon Snap, the game provides the fun of shooting things, but with the threat of attack entirely absent. The only feeling of urgency comes from the increasingly stringent time limits the game enforces. This may sound boring to some, but exploring the game environments with an increasingly more powerful gun certainly entertains. This formula is changed somewhat for boss battles where the emphasis is squarely set on shooting over exploration. Very much like FPS bosses, but with no risk of dying, as you don't even have an energy bar! Still, the change of pace is so brisk that you can't help but feel excited anyway.



The game is not without its flaws though, and you do get the feeling that maybe it was rushed a little to reach the Wii's launch window. The game engine is juddery at times, despite the games relatively simple graphics. The control system also annoys when you've created a mess, and you get yourself stuck. On one hand, you could argue that a more skilled player might not have made the mess in the first place, but you often find yourself shouting at the screen "just step over the chair! It's not that big!". This is made all the more annoying when the blocking items are below your point of view, and you don't even know why you're stuck.



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I also read Tuesday (today).


It received an 8.3 at IGN. I've been looking forward to unique games on the Wii that really use the controller, so I think I'll pick this one up.




Elebits is a great first wave Wii game. Not only does it present some interesting new gameplay mechanics, but it makes full use of the Wii remote to enhance the experience. It's clear that the title was hatched from the very beginning for Nintendo's new console and it's refreshing to encounter a game that could not be done well on any other videogame system. I have to note, it really is a lot of fun just to pick up items and toss them around in the worlds that Konami has created; it feels great. And when you add in the fact that the stages present unique challenges and all sorts of nooks and crannies for Elebits to hide in, I think you're going to find hours of solid entertainment waiting here, especially when you consider the multiplayer mode and map builder, which enables you to trade created levels with friends over WiiConnect24. My hat is off to Konami for going the extra mile.


But the game does have its limitations. For one, the physics are not quite as tight as they could be. Whether you're picking up a diesel truck or a flower pot, the objects will have the same floaty, bouncy feel to them. And further, while the game does a lot with physics, it doesn't do much with visuals, which means that the worlds and objects you encounter will have a blocky, dithered look to them.


If you're looking for a visual stunner, Elebits is not for you. But if you just want a really fun outing that's every bit as original as it is engaging, I think Elebits is your game. This title is destined for sleeper status.

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My review after only 45 minutes: SWEEET :) Love the controls, the physics, and everything else about the game so far. I really wasn't sure how the heck the gameplay would work but after doing the first level, which is 7 minutes in just a bedroom, I can see how it's going to be pretty fun and challenging to find all of those little buggers!


First game I've played that shows just how responsive the wiimote can be as a pointer. There's no input buffering and smoothing, like in Zelda (which I find a little extreme), just raw inputs displayed next frame, which makes for a slightly-jittery but super-responsive cursor. Also helps that it's 60 FPS most of the time. It doesn't take too much physics action to cause slowdown, but the physics are nice enough and there's just so much moving around that it's forgivable.


Took a really quick look at the level editor (after beating and unlocking that first area) and it looks wonderfully powerful with good controls.


I just can't wait to get home tonight and play it a bunch more. Great early game for the Wii :)

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Thanks for the report, Covak. I'm going to give it a whirl and have Romier ship it to be in place of Monkeyball, (which I will now postpone and purchase early next year). I figured, Monkeyball is Monkeyball, which is GREAT, but I think I crave something a little more unique and quirky and, although Monkeyball has many a mini game, Rayman will see me through for mini game fun for a while. Elebits seems like a natural choice after all my deliberating.


What’s the extent of creating your own maps and swapping them online? I take it you set all the challenges and time limits for the recipient?

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What’s the extent of creating your own maps and swapping them online? I take it you set all the challenges and time limits for the recipient?


Yep, you set all of the parameters, from the starting gun strength to the noise limits to gravity (only from 0% to 100% though, no higher and no negative, which might have been fun)... every parameter there is, I think. I didn't even try to place any elebits yet, but I'm pretty sure that you have nearly as much control as Konami's own level designers (besides being limited to placing objects in the existing environments, of course).


And while the physics engine isn't perfect or anything, it definitely seems robust enough that people will be able to create some sweet, sweet things. Unfortunately you'll have to know those people yourself :/ I heard some rumor or something about a Wii Channel coming that would allow people to post content (like Elebits levels) for anyone to go lookup and download. I really hope that's in the works. With some time and imagination I'm sure people could come up with some interesting physics puzzles with this game, they just need a way to get around... could really make this game fun for a while.


Personally, I'm probably just going to create big piles of crap and watch them fall over :)

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I seriously think I'm going to have to stop paying attention to EGM for Wii reviews because I have really, really enjoyed Elebits so far.


One of the best things about this game is that it was built for the Wii from the ground up. The actual gameplay is so satisfying because you virtually control over every object in the room as you're looking for Elebits. You can pick up, push, pull, twist, and fling everything around if your gun has enough power. Hell, have the fun is ransacking a room while your looking for the little buggers.


Plus, there's alot of strategy and depth when it comes to completing the missions as well as a stage editor and WiiConnect24 support. I hope the fun doesnt wear off because this already feels like it's going to be one of my favorite Wii games so far.

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