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Indiana Jones Trilogy DVDs

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Well, the box set arrived this morning, and I've given myself a rather lazy day in its honour I must admit. I watched Raiders and Temple of Doom back to back, and have watched the three 'making of' documentaries that focus on each film on disc 4 (these are around 40mins each). Last Crusade and the rest of the supplements on disc 4 have yet to be viewed.



I'm pretty pleased on the whole. The discs have a typical paramount DVD look to them, so I (sadly) got those flat black levels and lack of depth in the shadows I was expecting. Raiders suffers from quite a few edge halos, and some questionable compression here and there. The latter is a surprise, as the disc's general bitrate practically never drops below 5mbps, it's always pushing itself up into the 8mbps region, and even sticks to five in the end credits!


Temple of Doom is a step up in the mastering areas however. Halos seemed far less blatant, though again the same issues with the black levels and shadow detail remained.


Things are generally on the soft side with both movies, with average detail. Having seen the trilogy a number of times in 35mm I find this to be somewhat inherent to the cinematography however, especially in the first two. It'll be interesting to go over The Last Crusade and see if things improve further in this level, and on a mastering level over Temple of Doom.


The 5.1 on both is really great. It all stays very faithful to the original mixes and sound design on both movies (I'm expecting the Last Crusade disc to be no different) and it never gets overblown on the audio front. No sounds have been added or anything, they've just skillfully taken the old surround mix and forged a really appealing discrete presentation out of it. I'm very pleased and surprised with the audio presentation.



Great menus, and the slipcase housing the four keepcases is of a fake leather design much like that of the Godfather Trilogy DVD set. I'm certainly pleased enough with the DVD release. Things could be better on the video mastering side, but on the whole, it's such a joy to watch these films and I never tire of them. It's good to have them on DVD finally.


I'll update with some thoughts on Last Crusade, and my full thoughts on disc 4 (I'll tell you the three 40 min documentaries about each film are really decent) sometime tomorrow.



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Mine turned up today too, although I've only had time to check out the first 5 minutes of Raiders before "What Not To Bloody Wear", "East Bleeping Enders" and God knows what else started. I'll concur with Dan on what I've seen, though, with one little exception. Given that the last two times I've seen it in 35mm the print was just shockingly bleached out, I'm prepared to forgive a little black crushing and shadow depth - this is the best I've seen the film look since the 80s.


Interestingly, there doesn't appear to be any sign of the old hour long Making Of Raiders doc - if anyone knows if the footage has all made it across to the new extras I'd be interested. Not that my laserdisc box is going anywhere in a hurry...

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The hour long Raiders making of did not make disc 4, no. I do like what we're given though. I've still a couple of things to watch on the last disc, but along with those three 40 minute making of documentaries, and the two [of 4] featurettes I have about the sound and the music (the others are about the effects and the stunts). The Raiders one show glimpses of Tom Selleck's screen test, which was fun to see.


They've pretty much got all living cast members from the three films to talk about them, even Connery. There's certainly not a sense of it just being slapped together quickly.


Having watched it last night, I can say that The Last Crusade looks good too. The mastering is about the same as Temple, with a few edge halos here and there. I'm somewhat pushed into saying it may have slightly more edge enhancement issues than Temple, perhaps putting it firmly between Raiders and Temple on a mastering level. Indy's hat seems to be a magnet for halos. Again the 5.1 was extremely pleasing, and like the other not, not overblown in any way shape or form.



Bit of trivia for you. The school Indy teaches at In Raiders and The Last Crusade is a local school my sister used to go to when she was younger. It is but a ten minute drive from my house. :)




"East Bleeping Enders"


Hey come on now, with Den back from the dead, it's all go in the square. :green:




PS: Iain, I finally got my replacement DVE and Lawrence of Arabia Superbit.

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Bit of trivia for you. The school Indy teaches at In Raiders and The Last Crusade is a local school my sister used to go to when she was younger. It is but a ten minute drive from my house.


Further trivia. My mate Phil works there as their resident IT geek; you can actually see his office door in one shot, and its the one next to the office he (Indy, not Phil) crawls out the window of in Grail. Tragically, the tiered seating in that classroom got taken out a few years back. Did you know its owned by the Freemasons, conspiracy fans?


Glad to hear your discs turned up Dan; let me know if DVE does the job with your colour balance issues.

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I neither love nor hate Temple of Doom. I like the opening, I like Short Round but Kate Capshaw drives me up the wall. The actual 'save the children' plot is really very weak it must be said, around the time Spielberg had his first young children in his own life I believe, which explains that "gotta have something for the kids" angle Temple is so bogged down by (which is odd because it has that, yet is a very dark film in other areas).


"My name is Dr Jones. This is Ms Scott. This is Mr. uh..... Round"


One bit above all I truly go "ughhhh" at every time, is Short Round's scuffle with the young Maharaja, or rather the aftermath of the scuffle. Shorty beats this kid's face in with his fist, the Maharaja stabs Short Round, then Short Round burns the Maharaja and suddenly they're all chummy and all smiles! :lmfao:



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