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Twin Peaks Discussion Thread - Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song

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Season finale tonight. No clue how it's going to all go, but I'm expecting a game changer or another cliff hanger, not 100% resolution. It's just not the Twin Peaks. 


Breaking open a special bottle of beer soon, a few years old Nocturn Chrysalis from Jester King, to celebrate ;)

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If there isn't a Season 4.....




Episode 17 was for all intents and purposes the finale. The last episode was pure setup for another season and fuck me Showtime better announce it immediately. It can't end with something shouting Laura from the house in an insane timeline. If not, see you guys in 25 years hopefully.:/

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I got my Twin Peaks Music from the Limited Series vinyl today. I have the Twin Peaks The Return Badalamenti soundtrack coming next week as well. 


The Limited Series album has the Roadhouse logo on the cover. It’s legit one of the cleanest and wonderful sounding vinyls I own. I’ve listened to it twice already tonight. The music selections for the third season were just incredible.

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I’ve been doing a rewatch of “The Return” limited series and have just made it to episode 8. It’s my first full blown rewatch and it’s just as incredible as it was the first time around. I’m also picking up on so many little details I missed initially which I fully expected considering the excitement and amazement of having new Twin Peaks was clouding so much at the time. 

I watch a good deal of television but I can say without hyperbole, it’s easily the best show committed to the small screen in the last decade. It’s extraordinary that Lynch/Frost were given the money and creative freedom to make this happen and it’s a gift that so we got to see so many of the returning cast members before they passed. The episode with Catherine Coulson still makes me tear up a little.:(

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