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Twin Peaks Discussion Thread - Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song

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Even though I was still in high school back then, I used to stay late just to watch the show. Having recently revisited the series on CBS Drama, I opine that Lynch directed finale is still the best bit of TV I've ever seen.


And although Lynch never intented to end the series on a cliffhanger, maybe it's better that way. Any potential continuation just wouldn't be the same without Frank Silva.

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It really is something.  It's amazing to me that it was on a prime-time network show.  It wouldn't be as remarkable now, but for the early 90's?  That is some far out there and intense shit.



It was different back then, networks actually used to take risks. Twin Peaks wasn't the only breakthrough show either - Liquid Televison on MTV, for example, was eerily amazing for its time.

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And the BD remastered set is finally official.


July 29th. Close to 90 minutes of unseen Fire Walk With me outtakes - this is the stuff that dreams are made of for Twin Peaks fans. There's a two minute trailer on the EW page (*heavy* spoilers in that footage) that contains stuff I've read about in the likes of Wrapped in Plastic for decades but didn't think we'd ever actually see officially released. Super hyped for this :)



If Leland Palmer were still around, he’d be dancing like a crazy person right now. There’s a new Twin Peaks box set coming out July 29, and it includes nearly 90 minutes of never-before-seen deleted and alternate scenes from the prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

This is the footage that fans created a Facebook petition for back in 2011, and now they’ll get their wish, thanks to a box set that was personally supervised by Twin Peaks mastermind David Lynch.

“During the last days in the life of Laura Palmer many things happened, which have never been seen before,” Lynch said in a statement. “They’re here now alongside the new transfer of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and Twin Peaks, the television series.”

Stuff in that trailer that stood out to me as a long time fan who read the shooting scripts & cuts in WIP years ago:


- The Cable fight!

- Garmanbozia!

- Philip Jeffries in Buenos Aires!

- The Log Lady!

- Annie!

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It's glorious to see. A little spoiler-y. But glorious :) The Alamo Drafthouse is doing a Lynch retrospective all summer, including a Twin Peaks marathon the weekend before my birthday. Sorely tempted by it even if I have zero chance of rustling up anyone here in town to spend a weekend watching Twin Peaks.

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