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Wizardry 8 - Great game!

General Zot

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Hi all,


Inspired by the Bard's Tale thread (somewhere around here), I decided to find a nice old school RPG to play. Originally thought of emulating an old title or going DOS, by since I played most of the titles I could think of from that era, I had to look for something newer. What I found was Wizardry 8, the last game Sirtech ever produced.


I had only messed around with Wizardry once or twice back in the day, was an Ultima fan myself. These games (at least #8) are about as hardcore and old school as anything I have ever seen. It's a bit hard to describe but my best effort would be to imagine Bard's Tale with a 1st person shooter type interface and stats/classes/races up the wazoo. Man, this is the only RPG where they need a disclaimer that you MUST read the manual before you play or you will have no idea what you are doing. It is really an RPG player's RPG, no training wheels on this game. The game starts on a beach with one fight and one chest to get you started, only other object in sight is the entrance to the first dungeon crawl ;) Wow, goodbye Basil Exposition!


If anyone out there is craving a nice old school hardcore, up until 3 AM dungeon crawl, Wizardry 8 should be checked out. Pretty much bug free and with a no-CD patch never any disk swapping. And at only $20 brand new and able to run well on even my weak ass system, highly recommended game for anyone filling a void until Xmas.


Anyone else played this game and have any comments?

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