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Atsumare!! Made in Wario

Ryan FB

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Atsumare!! Made in Wario features around 200 mini games, and new party style rules have been implemented, included a feature known as Popping Balloon. In Popping Balloon, players take turns playing mini games, while the others can kill time by blowing up a balloon on screen by rapidly pressing a button. Whoever is playing the minigame when the balloon pops is the loser.


The game supports up to 4 players simultaneously, you can also play the GBA version of Made in Wario within this game, using the GBA cable, as well as downloading new mini games from the e-Cards.

Anyone know if this is coming to the US? I just found out about it, it comes out Oct. 17th in Japan (and I can import it for $38.90), but I can't find much information about it.

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Damnit, Erik, I did everything I could to resist this, but with that provided link, I was doomed. Ah, well, thanks anyway. That's a great price, too. I'm hoping the Japanese text won't be a problem, since even in English the instructions are often unclear. Heck, figuring out what you're supposed to do is half the fun. I remember early criticisms of the US WarioWare was that it gave instructions at all (it wasn't understood that the import had instructions as well, just in Japanese).


Any advice on whether to get the Freeloader or the Action Replay?

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Damnit, Erik, I did everything I could to resist this, but with that provided link, I was doomed.


Heh, sorry about that. But with a price like that, there's no reason NOT to get it, right? ;)


I believe both the Freeloader or the Action Replay will allow you to play imports without having to mod your system


Right. They're both by Datel. The Action Replay has the Freeloader on the disc, as well as cheat codes for tons of games. Action Replay is around $30, and the Freeloader is around $20.


If you don't care about cheats, I would suggest getting the stand-alone Freeloader. Not only is it cheaper, but it comes in a case. For some strange reason, the Action Replay does not come with a case, and the disc is just packaged in the cardboard box with the memory card and instruction booklet.

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Actually, I'd recommend just the opposite. I've only got Freeloader myself, but already a few titles have started to come through that have problems with it. However, none of them have remained undefeated by Action Replay for long, since you can use the 'cheats' to fix up the region switching problems.

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Some reviews are coming in for the Japanese import of this game. There's a Hand's-on IGN review, but 1up's review is better, in my opinion.


"This isn't the sequel to Wario Ware. It isn't even Wario Ware 1.5. It's just a multiplayer version of Wario Ware" But... "It's a total blast to play, even if you've spent months playing through the GBA game and perfecting your scores on all the microgames."


It also mentions that up to 16 people can play!


"Believe it or not, two little games actually allow up to 16 players to compete on an alternating basis. Both are "Last Man Standing" affairs, where failing the task kicks you out and succeeding only gets you a second chance. The first is a simple skipping rope affair (everyone gets one jump each), and the second actually throws a microgame at each contestant. Time to break out the WaveBird!"


The Gamecube is becoming the must-have party game console! This, Donkey Konga, Monkey Ball... :green:

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:green: Funny, I was just going to ask you what you thought of it, Allen!


I fooled around with it a little on Halloween, but I and everyone else had had a bit to drink by then, which made navagating the Japanese menu even more difficult than it should have been. My Gamecube has been at his house since then, so I haven't been able to look at it since.


We didn't play any multiplayer (due to the reasons above), but I did manage to get past 3 levels of the single player. A lot of the games are recycled from the GBA, but I did notice a fair amount of new ones. It's not going to win awards for graphics, but it's all about the gameplay, right? The graphics are of course better that playing the GBA version through the GBPlayer.


I'm going over there tomorrow night, and I'll post some more info if I get some more gameplay in. BTW, it loads fine with the Freeloader. I believe some of the problems people may have had is due to the different versions that are out. I've got the latest (I think... ver 1.06) and haven't had any problems with imports. I've got about 6 GC imports now (with a few more on the way).

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