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Gamecube failing?


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I admit, that the GC is a secondary system for me. But, I don't understand how magazines and sites say that Gamecube is struggling, failing, in trouble, etc. Last stat I heard was that both GC and XBOX had sold about 10 mil consoles. Is the software not selling well? Is that what people mean when they say the GC is failing? That is all I can think of.

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I think a lot of the "gamecube iz teh doomed!" discussions stems from the supposed lack of third-party support for the system. I, for one, don't buy that. The third-party support for the GameCube has been quite good, with most major cross-platform titles seeing a GameCube version.


The problem is that people tend to buy the Xbox or PS2 versions instead, leaving the exclusive first- and second-party games to clean house in the sales department. Developers see this and are hesitant to port games over, knowing that they won't sell nearly as well as their PS2 and Xbox counterparts (unless you happen to put Link in your game, apparently). Those developers then cancel plans to make GCN versions of titles they are bringing to the Xbox and PS2. Observant people see this happen and conclude that Nintendo is losing ground in the console wars. To be fair to those observant ones, I will say that they do have a valid point, though one wonders if it's a bad thing if companies like Acclaim don't want to produce crappy games for Nintendo.


Additionally, we could just say that Nintendo is in "third" place with overall console sales, and therefore is doomed to suffer the same fate as Sega. Everyone loves to make that comparison.


However, if you were asking whether or not the GCN is a failure because it lacks in great games, I would answer with a resounding "NO!"

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one wonders if it's a bad thing if companies like Acclaim don't want to produce crappy games for Nintendo.


This always boggled my mind too. I mean, yes, losing EA's sports titles is horrible and uncool for the system. But Acclaim? Geeze, I'm continually amazed Acclaim is still in business let alone on the GameCube.


It does come down to the third-party issue and I think J.Fo has the crux of the problem, that of people buying their third party software for other systems. And let's face it, the X-Box tends to come out ahead in third-party head-to-head between the three systems. So the PS2 single-system owners get the title for the PS2 typically (or for online play, in the case of, say, EA Sports), multi-plat owners get the X-Box version, leaving a handful of people to get the Cube version.


End result is that support diminishes and you have the failing Cube perception. But first-party is the driving force of the Cube more than any other console, that's why it lives on what Nintendo has coming out for it. The Cube needs a solid library of first-party and third-party exclusive titles to survive, period. I think it has that, but it does need to keep up to stay in the race.


It does kind of suck though, as we get shafted for some titles I would actually like to buy, such as, oh, say, Grand Theft Auto III. C'est la vie :).

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More than even 1st party to 3rd party, I think there is a big gulf in the types of games that get bought on Gamecube to that of the other two consoles. I'm not talking about things being "teh kidy", but that Sports (both sensible and "extreme") don't seem to go down well. Since this is a huge section of Acclaim and Codemasters (the two publishers who I remember announcing dropping of support), its not that surprising. EA seem to have recognised this in the way they've dropped their US sports titles (NBA, Madden etc.) but not things like Potter or Rings tie-ins. Similiarly, practically every other game I buy involves driving, but when I picked up a cheap wheel on Thursday, it occured to me that I won't even have a use for it until F-Zero GX arrives.

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