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SEGA not bringing Outrun2 to XBOX

paul h

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Real shame if this turns out to be true.. both Outrun2 and Virtua Cop3 apparently not coming to Xbox. I can understand what they say about the longevity of arcade games when ported to consoles, unless they are packed with extras like Namco try to do..


from eurogamer:

"Sega has decided not to port Chihiro arcade titles OutRun2 and Virtua Cup 3 to Xbox. That's according to a report that originated in Japanese gaming magazine Dorimaga, in which a Sega insider claimed that the Xbox was not popular enough in Japan to justify OutRun2, and that a new light gun peripheral for Virtua Cop 3 would be prohibitively expensive to produce."


from computerandvideogames:

"However, Jap mag Famitsu suggests that at the very least, there's no version of Outrun 2 planned for Xbox, apparently suggesting that both games are dependent on peripherals and thus wouldn't work as well on a console.


Obviously our immediate response to a lack of a console port of this title is one of incredulity, but sniffing around, sources have revealed that Sega is deeply concerned about releasing the quick-fix arcade racer on console, after having previous titles - like 18-Wheeler - panned for risible longevity.


Which basically makes rather depressing sense, as if you're able to clock the main game in under ten minutes, some players will inevitably be left feeling shortchanged. So we'll be seeing you in the arcades in November..."

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It's indeed sad and downright frustrating news, most certainly in the case of Outrun. I'd like to hope that the popularity of its arcade release coupled by possible consumer demand may see them re-evaluate their stance as far as possibly even both games are concerned.


Sega have stated their official stance on both X-Box ports will indeed be down to consumer demand (see videogamebiz) so all is not lost just yet.



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