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"Building" a new computer

cane corso

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I have an old Dell XPS T500, upgraded to a 1.2 Celereon, 384k of Ram, etc.


I am thinking of buying a new case, motherboard, processor, and memory. Then using my cd/dvd drives, hard drives, sound card, graphics card from my Dell (those are not original, I replaced those about year ago).


I am guessing the mb will be the most important factor. I want something that will allow me to upgrade the processor down the road. I have no clue what I should be looking for in a mb (I know just enough to be dangerous ). I was looking at this processor:


Intel Pentium 4 / 2.4CGHz 512k socket 478 Hyper Threading Technology 800 MHz FSB - RETAIL


CPU: 2.4GHz

Type: Pentium 4 Northwood

Cache: 512K

BUS: 800 Mhz

Socket: 478


Any suggestions for a motherboard? Or am I going about this the wrong way? I realize I could probably get a brand new Dell for the same price ($400-500ish) , but I am thinking I would be limited when I want to upgrade later. Any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions are appreciated.

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Dell has changed how they manufacture their systems, they are mostly off the shelf parts now instead of custom designed motherboards, etc. So if you aren't too picky about the parts, you are correct that it would likely be much easier just to buy a nerw box from them and get it all bundled together at once. Their motherboards are just as upgradable as anything you would buy yourself, so it isn't like it used to be 3-4 years ago.


Since you basically need to upgrade the entire computer (and the OS?), it makes a lot more money sense to get another Dell. I would lurk around their site (or messageboards) until you saw a good deal on the one you want and then jump on it. I think you will be very nicely surprised by the changes in Dell's machines.

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