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In case you have been waiting to get your Disney Blus:


Buy the Up Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and both Monsters, Inc and Cars on Blu-ray (as shown on the list below) and save $26 off your total purchase at checkout. To receive the $26 discount, enter the promo code PIXARBLU at checkout.




You get all 3 for $36.




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Amazon Deal of the Day: Band of Brothers Blu-ray from $39.99. If you don't own it yet, now is probably the time.



50% Off HBO Titles


It's not TV, it's HBO. And now you can get more of your favorite series for less. From the gritty Baltimore crime epic, The Wire, to the must-see vampire drama, True Blood, you'll save 50% on an amazing selection of HBO titles on DVD and Blu-ray

It appears that most of the HBO series are on sale at &_D%3Ap=+&pu=defaultusr&_D%3Apu=+&pt=1261029601&iht=n&_DARGS=%2Fsite%2Fen_US%2Fsearch%2Ffragments%2Fincludes%2Folssearchparameters.jsp.frmSearchResults"]bestbuy this week.


Band of Brothers is 37.50 on BR. I picked up BOB and Generation Kill (32.50).

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