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Panzer Dragoon Orta $9.99 w/ free shipping


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  • 3 months later...

I just got this yesterday.


As some will no doubt testify, I'm of the party that tends to miss some superb titles on release, nevermind how splendid the reviews or aggressive the advertising. Simply put, I have far too little money, but my expenses rival that of a small, war-loving nation. Video games just happens to be the easiest to take the hit.


The recent hoax suggesting an impending sequel was a like a gentle reminder from the video game gods that I should forget those next set of textbooks and buy this game instead. So I began my search.


E.B. had one for $25CDN, but I don't buy games that have been opened, let alone one with a case that looked like it had been on the shelf since release. But then again, Allen has proved that even sealed copies aren't safe.




Future Shop didn't know what it was. Toys R Us had a copy, but being Toys R Us, wanted $40 frickin' dollars of my hard-earned. Not surprising, being the same people who charge parents hundreds of dollars for what are, essentially, plastic bricks. The clerk wouldn't even do a price match via telephone. I beat him over the head with a stick.


I finally found an unopened example at Costco (of all places) for $24CDN. Sold. I tossed it alongside the 30 pounds of packaged smoked salmon and powerslided the shopping cart out of the warehouse ? la Project Gotham, like a happy schoolgirl. 350 Kudos. 2x Bonus for running over an old lady. Top that, Covak.


Then I helped Obnoxious acquire a gun. Yes, a gun. It shoots these pointy metal things they call "pellets" (you won't convince me those aren't bona-fide bullets - I saw the way they tore through the neighbour's cat). But after that I was allowed to play my game.


And what a bloody good game Orta is. I just spent an hour or so glued to the screen and in retrospect, it would have been well worth $40. It's fast, it's visceral, things blow up with an uncanny satisfaction and on top of all that it sports some very snappy controls. There's very little delay between inputs, the shooting is very intuitive (two different weapons on the same button, and interchangeable in a microsecond), and there's plenty of variety in the battle. It's a far cry from the monotonous, rinse-and-repeat, action laundering that's the core of most action games.


And this game drips with depth. The rare, special sort that actually makes it fun to play the same section over and over. You actually savour the repetition. In a bad game, repeating a section is a chore. In Orta, it is a chance to find an alternate strategy through the same scripted events. It usually involves more strategic use of the wing formation, learning the nuances of each mode and using them to your advantage. The battles are epic (especially the boss fights), the scenery convincing, and has a very discernible Sega feel to the proceedings that tickles a soft spot. I forget the name, but there was a very cool, fighter pilot arcade game I loved that was of the same style. One of my all-time favorites.


So anyway, for a price of a basic lap dance, I've got myself a copy of a masterpiece. (Not only that, but I leave actually satisfied). I've only scratched the surface and I have a feeling the best is yet to come.


P.S. I'm writing under the influence so not everything may have made sense. I'll fix it in the morning. I just wanted to share my excitement.


P.S.S. I was only kidding about the cat.

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Brian how much did you pay for that bad boy..and where did you get it?


$44 for it, Petit Copter, Shikigami no Shiro Evolution: Red & a cheap US MotoGP, all from Wolf Games, who are running a 40% off sale right now. Unfortunately they don't have any additional copies in stock of any of the games I bought in case you're after it yourself.

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Gah! I was after it. I'll have to do some checking. I've been kicking myself recently for not springing for that limited edition Orta Xbox released in Japan way back when. Would give my left leg for one of those though the damn things go for a pretty penny.


By the way did I mention yet that I liked Orta? ;) You know...favorite game this generation....more fun than anything out there...etc.etc. Yeah I thought I did. :tu:

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