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February Console Game Release List


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Dates are Subject to Change


Xbox 360

2/6 Winning Eleven Pro Soccer 2007

2/20 Crackdown

2/20 NBA Street Homecourt

2/27 Bullet Witch

2/27 DDR Universe Bundle

2/27 Samurai Warrios 2 Empire


Playstation 3

2/20 College Hoops 2k7

2/20 Virtua Fighter 5

2/27 F1


Nintendo Wii

2/12 Wii Play

2/27 Sonic and the Rings

2/27 SSX Blur


Playstation 2

2/6 AR Tonelico Melody of Elemia

2/6 CSI 3

2/6 MVP 07 Baseball

2/6 Romance of the 3 Kingdoms XI

2/6 Winning Eleven 2007

2/13 Backyard Basketball 2007

2/13 Ghost Rider

2/14 Chulip

2/14 Red star

2/20 Alpine Sking

2/20 Arena FootbalL Road to Glory

2/20 Winter Challenge

2/26 MLB The Show 07

2/27 Brave The Search for Spirit Dancer

2/27 Luminess Plus

2/27 Samurai Warriors 2 Empires

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I think Wii-Play is also in Feb. I know EB took it off the coming soon list as they're no longer accepting pre-orders.


Having said that - Wii-Play is really the only title I'll probably pick up. Lumines Plus on the PS2 could have been interesting, but with already owning the Xbox Live version - I just don't see why I would. I will most likely own a copy of VF5 at some point - but since I don't have freinds willing to play against me locally and without netplay, I don't see myself putting enough time into it solo to justify a full purchase price.

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