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Februrary Portables Games Release List


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Nintendo DS

2/5 Diddy Kong Racing

2/6 Lunar Knights

2/6 Winning Eleven 2007

2/13 F-24 Stealth Fighter

2/13 Kim Possible Global Gemni

2/15 Super Collapse 3

2/20 Izuna:Legend of the the Unemployed Ninja

2/20 Trioncube

2/27 Marvel Trading Card Game

2/27 Meteos Disney Magic



2/6 Capcom Puzzle World

2/6 Winning Eleven 2007

2/12 Gurumin

2/12 The Warriors

2/13 Chili Con Carnage

2/13 Ghost Rider

2/13 Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner

2/13 R6 Vegas

2/13 Ratcher and Blank Size Matters

2/13 Rocky Balboa

2/20 Arthur and the Invisibles

2/20 M.A.C.H

2/26 MLB The Show 07

2/27 300: March to Glory

2/27 Asphalt Urban GT2

2/27 Guitar Hits

2/27 Marvel Trading Card Game

2/27 Winx Club:Join the Club

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Of the titles listed, only two catch my eye. I'm hoping the new version of Boktai is a decent play, but I'm waiting for reviews.


Legend of the Unemployed Ninja has been on my radar for a while just because of the name and the look, so we'll again be waiting for reviews to see if its a worthwhile buy :).

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What the hell is up with Panzer Tactics for the DS?! The previews suggested a fairly complete game last summer and since then I've heard nothing.


Yeah! I swear I saw a Feb or Mar release date a few weeks ago, but now everything says Q1/07 or TBA...

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