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Monthly subscription/pay per download music sites


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Apologies if this has been discussed before (I did search for what its worth) but I'm curious what sites people use to download music...legally. ;) I got linked to emusic.com last night while reading a review of an album I was interested in. Well the site has a 14day trial period where you can download 50songs for free. During that 14day trial period you can cancel at anytime and you wont get charged a dime. Let the 14 day trial run its course and you will be billed according to the monthly plan you signed up for each month until you cancel. I signed up for the $19.95 per month plan that allows 75 downloads per month. Considering how much music I listen to and the fact you can cancel at anytime I figured it was worth a shot. I'm happy to pay $20 for the priveledge of downloading 6 or 7 albums. I get tired of going to local music shops and being disapointed with the selection. Even using not so legal methods (newsgroups, etc) I find it hard to find what I want. Granted I don't listen to mainstream stuff so its always harder to find what I'm lookin for. Anyway I'm just curious to see who if anyone uses emusic or anything similar. Downloaded 2 albums already and the download speeds were decent enough. Sound quality is high using variable bitrate. Music selection seems pretty good so far as well.


Edit: I should probably specify that I listen to alot of electronic ambient/IDM/down tempo/experiemental type of stuff. If there are sites that cater specifically to that type of music I'd like to know. :)

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I tried Emusic but I guess I'm more into mainstream music and found their selection lacking.


I really want to use legal means to get music, to set a good example for my boys, so...


For two months I have been using Rhapsody. It's $15 a month for me and my two sons to have unlimited downloads to our MP3 players. You can't burn to disk and you don't "own" the song -- the right to play the songs ends when you stop the Rhapsody service. It's a far more economical solution for all 3 of us rather than buying songs on an adhoc basis.




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I recently upgraded to a Sansa Rhapsody branded MP3 player. this type of player integrates fully with the Rhapsody online music service.


I'm loving the way this works. I can create my own custom playlists online and download individual albums/tracks to my player of course, but I can also subscribe to "dynamic playlists" that will automatically download songs in particular genre's to my Sansa for me to listen to and evaluate. I can rate the songs from 1-5 stars, or vote that I don't want to ever hear it again. Rhapsody then "learns" from my ratings and offers me more that I might like.


If I like one of the dynamic playlist songs enough to keep it, I just choose "add to my library", and it is no longer in danger of being replaced by a dynamic playlist refresh. It will remain on my player until I choose to get rid of it.


It's suiting my listening habits perfectly. There are times when I want to hear something new or classics that I haven't thought to download, but other times when I want to hear my tried-and-true favorites.


There are hundreds and hundreds of user-submitted playlists to check out also. My main gripe is that there doesn't seem to be a way to search playlists. I would love to find playlists that people created with keyword "workout" for example, but I haven't found a way to do that. Or find playlists containing an artist or song.




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I'm really getting my moneys worth out of emusic lately. I signed up for the $19.95 a month deal which nets you 80 downloads a month (or is it 70...). Well worth it so far. Been using it so much that I've bought my share of booster packs when I use up my monthly downloads. Dangerous being able to click "buy booster pack" and boom you just added 30 downloads for whatever it is they charge.

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