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Pie vs Cake


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You know, it's amazing how something so innocuous can turn into a debate. I mentioned the "Pie vs Cake" debate on the internets to my wife the other day, and it's amazing how funny it can get.


Of course, I think I managed to convince her of Pie's ultimate superiority :) After all, pie has filling. True, some cake has filling, but that's only cake trying to be pie. Besides, pie is a mathematical constant that is woven into the fabric of the universe, but cake? Nowhere to be found.

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I'm sure there's a simple coefficient to be worked out here. Between any two foods, the one with a higher value for some variant of this formula:


(grams of sugar + grams of fat)/grams of food


is the better food.


Therefore, the best food would be a wad of fat coated in sugar.

Don't knock it till you tried it. :P (just visit your nearest Krispy Kreme, they'll hook you up.)


Now, between pie and cake, I think it's pretty clear that cake is a lot closer to being "a wad of fat coated in sugar" than pie is.

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